Best Homemade Treatments Used for All Dust Allergy

What is Dust Allergy ?

Our food contains a variety of proteins in the environment, in which our body becomes habituated, there are no side effects in the body, but in some cases it is seen that our body is having side effects , our body is not able to adapt, this is called allergy.

By dust we usually mean dust – sand, but in dust allergy, however, in the case dust allergy is not in the dust outside the house, it stays inside the house, and what is mainly in the dust material is a microscopic pus called ‘house dust mite’, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. The waste of those microscopic pus is also a component of the dust.

Secondly, the insects that live in the house like cockroach, their dead body cells are also a component of the dust.

thirdly, there are some fungi in the bathroom of the house and also pet animal’s fur and waste are the part of the dust.

Moreover, flower pollen, grass flower pollen are all components of duct. Dust allergy comes in contact with all these. In this case, let you know, we see our house clean and tidy with the naked eye. But there is dust in the house, which causes Dust Allergy

Causes of Dust Allergy

There are two reasons for allergies.

  1. For some special features of the gene.
  2. Due to environmental reasons.

The fact that the genes have special characteristics will not cause allergies, as can be seen here. Of lymphocyte cells in our body (Mainly strengthens the body’s immune system) something special changes, and it happens at a very young age.

Studies have shown that people who play in the dust at an early age, or those who have shortness of breath at an early age, or those who have a gastrointestinal infection, have a lower risk of dust allergy later in life. Their immune system is such that the allergic reaction is less. And all those kids. Extra clean – grows in cleanliness, is not exposed to dust, their immune system is a little weak and easily allergic. Who will be allergic this time, can not be told beforehand.

Best Homemade Treatments Used for All Skin Allergy

Best Homemade Treatments Used for All Skin Allergy

Symptoms of Dust Allergy

  • If the allergic reaction is in the eyes, then the eyes will be red, the eyes will water, the eyes will be itchy.
  • If the allergic reaction is to the nose, there may be a lot of sneezing, or even a runny nose.
  • If there is a reaction in the lungs, there will be shortness of breath, chest tightness, and there may be wheezing.
  • If it is on the skin, itching of the skin will be stopped.

. These are common allergies of dust allergy

House Dust Mite

The main cause of all dust allergy is house dust mite, a microscopic organism that collects nutrients from dead parts of our skin. 10 lakh house dust mite live by eating the dead part of a person’s skin.

In other words, the level of dust allergy depends on the relative humidity of the atmosphere. When the relative humidity is 60 to 70, the incidence of dust allergies increases during the rainy season. And when the relative humidity is less than 50, the incidence of allergies is less.

Ways to Diagnose Dust Allergy

If you know the history of  patient’s disease , it is possible to understand what is happening. Also dust allergy tests are done. But allergy tests can’t cover all the fog, as seen in the allergy test that patient is allergic to eggplant, but patient has no problem in eating eggplant. Radio Allergo Sorbent Test of the blood is also done, but it is not always possible to identify the right allergen. So the emphasis is on the history of patient’s disease.


Precautions of Dust Allergy

  • Bedding, pillows used by regularly are much safer if they are made of synthetic cotton instead of cotton and if anti matte cover is provided on the mattress and it is better not to keep carpet in the bed room. Actually house dust mite lives in bed, carpets and furniture.
  • One more thing to know in this case when vacuum cleaner is used to clean the dust in the house but that very time house dust mite spreads all over the house. It takes about 2 hours to settle down again. So those who have a tendency to dust allergies, It is better not to use vacuum cleaners.
  • Even decades ago, our beds and sheets were washed in hot water. House dust mites die as a result of boiling at 130 degrees. Now a days the custom has distinguished. As a result, even after washing the sheets, the house dust mites remain intact.
  • It is better not to keep flowers in the house of those who are prone to allergies. If you have a tendency to allergies, it is better not to keep them in your house. Even if it is kept in the bed room. They should not be allowed to enter.

Treatments of Dust Allergy

If you suffer a lot due to dust allergies. Treatment with anti histamines In some cases some mediator drugs such as leukocysteine, prostaglandins are used. In the critical state of patient. Many times treatment with steroids has to do. In fact, the condition of the patient is understood and treated accordingly.

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Best Homemade Treatments Used for All Eye Allergy

Frequently asked question about skin allergies

1.  Is dust allergy serious or even deadly?

Suspicion of life does not happen very much. However, if someone does not get regular treatment despite having allergies, then danger can occur. And allergic reactions. Many times anaphylactic shock, extremely low blood pressure and can lead to death. Many times allergies cause angio-neurotic edema, swelling of the eyes and mouth, accumulation of water in the body, resulting in death.

2. Is there any vaccine available for dust allergy?

The key to the vaccine is that low-dose allergens enter the body to build up the body’s immune system. However, this vaccine can be given if certain antigens are known. And so is work. However, if you are allergic to many things, the vaccine does not work. At any age vaccine can be given.

3. What is the best medicine for dust allergy?

For dust allergy antihistamine tablets like fexofenadine, loratadine, cetirizine are consider to be best medicine and for children antihistamine syrups are good though but always consult good doctor before having medicines.

4. Is dust allergy curable?

Actually no, but good thing is you can control your symptoms to avoid dust allergy beforehand.

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5. Can you get a dust allergy later in life?

yes u may have due to pollution or some allergic food related to your health.

6. Is everyone allergic to dust?

No, but yes everyone get irritated to dust and pollution but often some get allergic due to week immunity system.

7. What is the home remedy for dust allergy?

there are best 2 homemade remedy to get over from dust allergy such as :

  1. Consume 3 times daily a mixture of 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, this drink helps to clear lymphatic system and also slow the production of mucus down.
  2. Either have a steam bath or inhale steam for 5 minutes.

8. How do you stop allergies immediately?

you can stop dust allergy irritation immediately by using Oral antihistamines, Decongestants, Nasal spray, Combination medications and many more.


In this artical blog each and every informative datas are suggested by most proffesional and expert doctors and nurses.

Note: in this blog the information and other content provided , or in any linked materials, are neither intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment, it’s just a general awareness.

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