Best Homemade Treatments Used for All Food Allergy

What is Food Allergy

As soon as any external germ enters our body, our body’s immune system is stimulated and takes necessary measures. The problem is also similar with Food Allergies. The body’s immune system considers one or more foods to be harmful to the body. As a result, as soon as we eat that food, our body takes action against it. This results shows in different types throughout the body. Painful symptoms appear.

Allergies can be caused by foods that are in conflict with the body known as Food Allergies. Just like many people get mango arthritis all over their body while eating shrimp, many people prefer to avoid food in terms of eggs and milk. Various studies have shown that protein problems are usually caused by protein foods. However, in this case, it is important to know that there is a risk of this rage from wheat. Because wheat contains a type of protein called Gutin, which has a detrimental effect on many people’s bodies as Food Allergies.


What are the Food Allergy Symptoms

There are different types of Food Allergy Symptoms such as

  • swelling of the throat
  • Urticaria or Food Allergy Hives  is a common Food Allergy Symptoms which can be seen anywhere on the body.
  • breathing problems ia annother reason of Food Allergy Reactions.
  • Rash in the body like rash on the skin as well as rash in the throat and inside the mouth are called Food Allergy Rashes.
  • vomiting is aslo a main Food Allergy Symptoms
  • due to celiac disease kind of Food Allergy are consider most significant sign of Food Allergy Symptoms, the cells of the intestine gradually become dry. As a result, the food is not absorbed by the body by villi. So the patient faces issues like repeated diarrhea and weight loss. Many people think in this case colitis is the reason behind. so there is a huge chance to get mislead. Celiac disease is caused by food such as wheat, oats, barley, barley. When from 6 months to one year children consume this type of food, diarrhea starts suddenly. In this case, the process of food absorption and assimilation of the body begins to deteriorate.

What are the causes of all Food Allergies?

Types of Food Allergies are mainly due to three reasons. Genetic factors, Immunological Intervention and Environmental factors.

1. Genetic factors

The cause of Food Allergies to any food is hidden in the gene of patient. This means let’s say that if a person has an allergy to eggs in their genes, the very person will develop various allergy symptoms after eating eggs for the first time.

2. Immunological Intervention

As soon as any external germ or virus enters our body, we face lots of troubles that very time our body’s immune system is stimulated and takes necessary measures and fight against the virus begins. The easier it might sound but the fact is much enough hard.

Various reactions start inside the body and produce several specific chemicals during combat, as soon as the virus enters the body. Later, whenever the virus re-enters the body, the chemicals are started re-produced. The body recognizes those chemicals in advance. As a result, the immune system easily understands which virus has entered the body.

The problem is, in many cases, shrimp, egg, brinjal fruit, eggplant and some of the chemicals in the food have the same structure as the chemicals in the body that fight the virus or external germ. As a result, The body gets unable to distinguish between the two chemicals by eating such food. So eventually, different types of rage symptoms appear in the body even some people have such Food Allergies after recovering from a high fever.

3. Environmental factors

The way environmental pollution is on the rise day by day, so the environmental aspect behind all allergies including Food Allergies is not going to be avoided. Plenty of pesticides and fertilizers are being given to different crops now for huge production. These chemicals used in vegetables are actually causing Food Allergies in some people as side effects. It will be helpful giving an example to understand, assume a person has never had a problem eating eggplant at the age of six. Suddenly, at the age of 40, he ate that innocent eggplant and saw a strong allergy. Dil. There is a reason for this. In this case, you have to catch the eggplant of that person

The way day by day. Environmental pollution is on the rise, so the environmental aspect behind allergies is not going to be avoided. Plenty of pesticides and fertilizers are being given to different crops now. These chemicals used in vegetables are actually causing allergies in some people.

It will be useful to give an example. Let’s talk about eggplant. One person has never had a problem eating eggplant at the age of six. Suddenly, at the age of 40, he ate that innocent eggplant and saw a strong Food Allergy. There is a reason for this. In this case, either you have to consider that the person has Food Allergy for eggplant by gene but was inactive prior, or any pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals used in vegetables are actually causing active that inactive gene of Food Allergies.




What are the Food Allergy Treatment

If symptoms of Food Allergy in the body has been shown, as a Food Allergy Treatment an anti-allergic drug such as Hexofinadil, is used. This drug mainly prevents allergies. However, if you have breathing problems after taking this medicine, you have to give steroids.

Genetic allergies do not cure the disease. The Foods that cause allergies should be avoided throughout life. There might be no risk of allergies again with such restraint. On the other hand, there are some medicines that can cure allergies due to environmental pollution or over-activation of the body’s immune system. This means that there is enough work to be done to reduce the presence of chemicals that you are allergic to.


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Frequently asked question about Food Allergy

1. Those who did not have any Food Allergies in the beginning, if they suddenly catch Food Allergy in old age, then it must be understood that it is due to environmental reasons or due to the overactivity of the body’s immune system?

No, it’s not always. Knowing the history of patient disease, talking to patient, the doctor should understand whether the problem is due to genetic reasons, or environmental reasons, or due to the overactivity of the immune system. Symptoms of allergies.

2. How long does it take to start eating the food that causes allergies?

Allergy symptoms usually appear within 10-15 minutes. One more thing in this context, after eating food for the first time in the body of the patient, Food Allergy Symptoms may not show. Symptoms may include slight itching, nausea, or vomiting.

No one pays attention to such symptoms. Assume, eating spicy food is making the body worse. After eating the same food the next time, the body begins to take action vigorously. From then on, the symptoms of allergies began to appear strongly and vividly.

The second time an allergen appears in the body within five to seven minutes of eating the allergen. Gives. The problem is, even after a second Food Allergies, many people avoid it altogether. If the symptoms subside after taking allergy medicine, eat that food again, It’s terrible often it gets worse.

3. How terrible, what can be fatal from Food Allergy?

Already been said that allergies can be seen on the skin, in the mouth and also in the throat. Excessive rash inside the Respiratory tract can cause shortness of breath. Those who do not take action or are not alert even after having two or three Food Allergy. In their case, the matter can be fatal. There is a risk of a rash in the throat and shortness of breath. At that time the situation has to be handled with steroids. Remember not to delay if you are about to stop breathing due to food allergy. patient has to be taken to the hospital immediately. If not, the tension will fall with the life.

4. Is there a risk of Food Allergy due to the smell of food in the nose?

No, not at all. There are no risks of Food Allergy due to the smell of food in the nose. But there is a risk of chemical allergy If the spray, powder floats in the air and enters the nose, to chase away the beetles. But that is a completely different matter from our discussion.


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5. Do children have Food Allergy?

Of course the way adults have Food Allergy similarly it is normal to have Food Allergy on baby or childern. So be careful if the child has allergies, always consult a doctor. Understand which food you are allergic to, and tell your child not to take that kind of food.

Also choose food for your child when you go out of home for an event. If he goes alone, teach him which food he/she will not eat. He/she will also tell the people of the Invitation house about his/her allergies so that no one will force him/her to eat allergic food

6. Is there any Food Allergy Test to know in advance who is allergic to any food?

In different placesFood Allergy Test scam is going on to dignonose allergy, some people are claiming that anyone can know their allergic food with the help of this Food Allergy Test.

Let me tell you, the test results are based on the food intake, when the ban food comes down, his/her list is so long that there is nothing left on the plate except two pieces of cucumber. In other words, the list also includes the names of all the foods that have never been allergic to patient !

But currently combination of both skin test and blood test  are used to diagnonose Food Allergy or used as Food Allergy Test.

If the both the skin and blood tests results are still not clear, then, an allergist does something related to Food Allergy Test called a food challenge. The person has been given increasing amounts of the potential Food Allergen gradually to eat gradually  in searching of symptoms, during this Food Allergy Test.

7. What foods are usually allergic to?

Allergies to eggs, milk, nuts, peas, wheat, barley, buckwheat, soybeans, eggplants, mushrooms, marine animals such as fish, crabs, shrimps, oysters, are at risk.

8. Can the same person have allergies to more than one food?

Yes there may be. In particular, those with genetic allergies are more likely to be allergic to multiple foods than other patients.


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