3 Amazing Tricks of Chemistry

Colorful Chemical Garden Colorful chemical gardens look great. Like an aquarium. However, the aquarium contains fish, and it contains colorful plant-like chemicals. Ingredients: A large square clear glass jar, one pound of approximate water-glass (sodium silicate copper sulphate (blue crystal), ferrous sulphate (light green crystal ferric chloride (yellowish brown crystal), zinc sulfate) and cobalt (white) … Read more

Best Health Beneficial of Mango

Mango The King of Fruits Mango is well know and favorite fruit in India, The Scientific name of mango is Mangifera indica, there are total 30 species of mango across the globe. The family name of mango is Anacardiaceae. In india there different types of mangoes and they all tastes different but the health beneficial of … Read more

What is Docker?


Hello guys, many of you have heard about the benefits of containerization, so then you guys are quite familiar about this term Docker. But many of you have much confusion about what is Docker, why to use Docker, What is the benifit of using Docker and why should i shift from traditional methods to deploy … Read more