3 Amazing Homemade Scientific Tricks

Hanging Rice Pot :

Many of you may have seen the magic or the magic game of the Magicians. These magicians from time to time show all these strange games, in the common sense of which no explanation can be found.

I’m talking about a game like this. The stomach is filled with rice, which is placed in front of the magician, filled to the brim with a wide-mouthed, round-faced pot.

The magician took out a very shiny stick from the inside of his jar and inserted it vertically into the rice and took it out again. After doing this for a while, he picked up the knife and showed it to everyone. Then he clapped his hands and says abra ka dabra – he puts the knife in the rice again and lifts the knife and lifts it up. Surprise! The rice-filled pot with the knife also hung high.

How is that possible? If you explain the matter, you can try it too. Make a hard glass jar. The belly of the jar should be wider than its face. Fill the jar with rice  and squeeze it with your old finger and put it on. Now take a fork and put it in the rice with a little force and bring it up again. For a while, if you do this again and again, you will see that the rice in the jar is firmly stuck to each other. Then insert the knife into it again with great force. This time. As soon as you lift the stalk, you will see that the jar of rice is stuck with the stalk in the same way as if the stalk is forcibly inserted into the soft hard material like fruits, wood etc.

How is this possible? So if you think a little bit, you will understand very easily. As a result of repeatedly pushing the knife or fork into the rice, the rice is crammed into each other and the knife is forced into the rice in this position. When inserted, the rice along with the pot will stick to the husk like a hard substance.

Homemade Planetarium

By looking at the walls or ceiling of the house, the planets can be shown as beautifully as the planetarium on the plane. This can be done very easily.

In the night sky they may have seen various constellations like Orion, Ursa Major etc. Pictures of all these constellations can be seen in many books. Copy any of the constellations from it to a thin piece of paper. Now made of cardboard or tin. Get a mug. On the underside of the mug, place the drawing paper upside down. The paperwork is reversed. Even if applied, the painted marks can be seen clearly. Then punch holes in each of the star marks. When illuminated, those holes will illuminate the constellation decoration on the walls like the image reflected in the mirror.

Now take the perforated tin mug to a dark room and light a torch through its playful mouth. The torch should be held slightly tilted so that the light falls just along the holes and falls on the inner wall of the tube. As a result, the enlarged image of the constellation through the hole will fall on the wall just like the normal image. You can easily understand what the constellation looks like by turning the funnel in different positions.

Game of Static Electricity

Many of you may have heard of the famous rope game of the magicians of our country. No matter what the rope game is, they can easily surprise everyone by showing such a short game.

Take a little bit of yarn. Hold one end of the thread with two fingers of one hand. Take a small plastic comb in your other hand and quickly wrap it around your clothes. If you take the comb to the free end of the thread held in the other hand, you will see that the thread will stand up towards the comb. When the comb is wrapped around the thread, the head of the thread will continue to rotate immediately.

This is because of static electricity. As a result of friction, free electrons of clothes come out and accumulate on the comb and the comb is in debt – electrified. The thread works just like an electroscope. The free electrons are withdrawn from the yarn and the yarn becomes electrically charged. The yarn is attracted to the negatively charged comb as a result of the attraction to the opposite charge.

This game is beautiful in dry weather in winter. Water is the conductor of electricity – so the game does not perform well as the humid rainy weather conducts electricity through water vapor.


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