6 software you need for schooling



Intro: Are you a student trying to get your schoolwork done? Are you overwhelmed with all of the software options available to you? Here is a list of six software programs that we recommend every student have. These programs will help you be more organized, productive, and efficient in your studies. With these tools, you can achieve success in school and beyond!

1. Forest:

It features a clean and elegant interface that packs a great set of tools into one app, helping you concentrate more on your work. While you work, this app plants trees to honor your concentration. By the time you finish, you will see how long you have concentrated, depending on the density of the forest. This app allows you to focus on the task at hand by blocking out all distractions. 

You can choose from various backgrounds to help you focus, and this app also tracks your time spent on each project. If you are obsessed with tracking data, this is the one for you! It even allows you to set daily reminders never to miss a deadline. You can choose the trees you want and opt for calming sounds to help you retain your focus for longer. It is truly a unique app that increases your productivity while studying. You can get this app by visiting https://proxy-rarbg.org/ for an easy, free, and high-speed download for your computer, android, or iPhone. 

2. myHomework: Student Planner: 

This app keeps you on top of your classes and grades. No matter what field of school they are in, every student needs a planner to keep them organized and on schedule. This application syncs between all of your devices so you can access your schedule from anywhere, whether it is in your dorm, at home, or on the go. myHomework is a must-have for any student. This helpful app allows you to organize all of your homework assignments, exams, and more in one place. One of the most useful applications, myHomework, enables you to manage all of your classes in one place. It is effortless and can store important contact information, course descriptions, and class notes. The best part about myHomework is that it sends out messages as reminders before an assignment is due.

3. Google Drive: new2

If you are not using Google Drive, you are missing out. This free service allows you to access all of your course materials, including course syllabi, online. Google Drive will enable you to save everything in one place and access it anywhere via the web browser or their mobile app. Whether you are working on a group project with friends or studying for an exam, Google Drive is essential. Google Drive is free cloud storage that allows you to store, access, and share your files anywhere. Whether it is school or work, having access to all of your documents in one place can be extremely helpful when doing research or creating reports. By making collaboration more accessible, this tool can help you become more productive.

4. Office Suite: 

This is a set of programs including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. It will allow you to edit and create documents in different formats. Microsoft Office Suite is the most popular tool and can be obtained through your school or an educational institution (for free) or by purchasing the software at retail prices. Microsoft Office is the best office suite out there, which means it is definitely worth paying for. Whether you are on a PC or Mac, Microsoft Office will provide you with all the tools that every student needs to succeed. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations are all a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. You can find this program on Amazon or your local electronics store for about $150.

5. LiquidText: 

LiquidText is an excellent program for students who want to get their essays done quickly. This software allows you to work on an essay from any computer and see all of your writing, notes, and edits whenever you want! LiquidText syncs your files with the cloud, so it will allow you to move seamlessly from computer to computer without worrying about formatting. Download this program to your computer (PC only) and use it as a whiteboard. Write, draw, type, drag, and drop all over the screen in an organized fashion that suits your needs. LiquidText allows you to manage text into one document or split it into several. The software makes collaboration more accessible by allowing different users simultaneously while keeping everyone’s changes organized.

6. Wolfram Alpha: 


Wolfram Alpha is a powerful computational knowledge engine that can answer questions and solve problems. You can use Wolfram Alpha to calculate derivatives, plot graphs, compute compound interest, and much more. The software gives you access to a vast collection of data from across the web in addition to its built-in data set. This program is ideal for researchers who want to find the answer quickly. Wolfram Alpha shows you how it works when you type in a question, allowing students to save time and effort. Instead of searching through books or online resources, just input your question into this software and choose what kind of output you prefer – something visual like graphs or numbers.


Many software programs are available to students, but not all are worth the time or money. The ten tools we’ve listed will help you get organized and be more productive in your studies while saving you some time and headaches! If any of these sounds like something, you might want to use, please check out their websites for more information on how they work.


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