A New PlayStation Patent Will Let Experts Help You Beat Games

A New PlayStation Patent Will Let Experts Help You Beat Games


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Sony Interactive Entertainment has just filed a patent that can easily help you beat games. You can read this article to know more about what they have got in store for you


If there is something more entertaining than watching television shows, it’s playing video games. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love binge-watching my favorite series which is why I subscribed to the Spectrum TV packages. But for me, nothing can beat the joy of playing PlayStation games with friends. However, sometimes it can become quite frustrating simply because you don’t know how to solve a particular puzzle or how to win boss fights. This is where many gamers turn to walkthroughs, look for cheat codes, or in some extreme cases, simply quit. If you too often get stuck then there is no need to worry as Sony might just have the perfect solution for your problem. 

This Changes Everything 

According to VGC, Sony Interactive Entertainment has teamed up with Uber-style and filed the patent in late April. This patent says that gamers who qualify as experts can register to help struggling players whenever they need them and that too in real-time. All they have to do is mark themselves as available which would allow people to contact them if they need their assistance. But what’s in it for the experts? Well, they will be incentivized and will gain in-game benefits and perks. 

How Will it Work? 

This system would work by giving the players the option to reach out to experts either by their PlayStation console or mobile application. Their request will then be sent out to the relevant experts who will be able to help them out. This process would be similar to hailing an Uber. The experts would receive data about the player’s gameplay session such as loadout, skills, level, and quests. The player will then be paired with an expert who has already been through that part of the game with a more or less similar configuration as that of the gamer. 

During the help session, the experts would have the choice to offer guidance either via voice, text, console interface, or video. Players will have the option to toggle a spoiler flag which will let the expert know not to reveal the upcoming game sequence to them which may be vital to the game’s story. 

There is another way how players can receive help from experts and that is through recorded sessions. All that will be required for the player to do is post a query and they would be given access to the relevant audio clip which will help them overcome the situation. This recorded session will be ranked by the players and they would be required to give their feedback so that other players can also use it when they get stuck. 

Get Ready for An Exciting Future 

If you think this patent by Sony Interactive Entertainment is kick-ass then there are a couple of exciting developments that you may not be aware of. You see, Sony has always remained a step ahead when it comes to making the gaming experience as spectacular as it can be. This is why they presented two new ideas earlier this year which could change the future for gamers. The first is that the company is thinking about incorporating AI to study how a particular gamer plays the game and based on that knowledge, the AI could literally play the game for them if they would like to. The second patent describes a system in which PlayStation players would be able to leave in-game audio tips, images, and text that will help others if they couldn’t get through a situation. 


Sony keeps on surprising the community with its brilliant ideas and great innovations. With their latest patent, they will be making the gaming experience even more amazing for players. After all, they no longer would have to search for walkthroughs to clear the levels or solve a puzzle. Instead, they will simply be getting in touch with the experts who will instantly help them out. So, are you excited for this feature to officially become available for use? 



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