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Easy way to be a Programmer

hey guys , in this blog i want to talk about how can you become a self taught programmer. So basically ,in that case you have to stop looking at tutorials, books and relying on something ,this goes pretty much hand in hand like if you wanna write 500 lines of code, you know you may build a calculator app and know lot of C and C++ but when if it comes to making sorting algorithms or some thing like that or have to write 500 lines of code . Sometime it may make you feel ,u can not do that till you get those courses. So i am sort of against that ,actually the encouraging thing is to get up and start actually on a project or your own coding thing. Because the matter is tutorials gonna help you but they are not gonna help you make the things you wanna make. You may get all basic knowledge from tutorials but may not get the idea or vision to implement those things practically until you start working on project. As you are building the project that you are building then you can actually go back and look up those certain things, so then if you get stuck on as an example lets say your app needs to have some kind of sorting algorithm to show people base on their like in alphabetical order or it needs to show people based on their like, follower accounts, so you know if you are making a Twitter clone or an Instagram clone or anything you wanna have like leader board of who has most followers, Then you need some kind of sorting algorithm and that is the very basic one, so then you can still go and learn that tutorial as soon as you learn it you an come and apply it. that is how concept is gonna be internalized its gonna be beyond just this superficial level of understanding. There is a reason that is important if you want to be a self taught developer, the terrible way of doing it is just hoping you can keep learning and learning , and one day your dream gonna be ready for something eventually. So the thing is how many of your own projects have you built so far? If your answer is like very few or less than five or three like of your own projects. There is a reason why you are not improving at the level you wanna improve at, there is a reason why you might be stuck where you stuck , there is reason why you feel like you see tutorial after and after but you are not really understanding it and there is a reason why you feel that lack of confidence or that you are not earning an income from coding or becoming a freelancer or self taught developer.


Now you star building your own projects and you learn as you go and take away that fear of the unknown and stop waiting just learn all this bellow these steps may help you out and direct you in right way

Why should you learn programming?

1.Enjoyable field of work:

There is lot of fun era of work in programming .If you are a programmer or willing to be a programmer, you will get many innovative, creative and interesting stuffs to do as even you can choose them as your career too, such as

  1. Software Developer : Being a software developer ,you can make entirely cool new streams of software from scratch, even you can customize your own quality software or operating system for different platform and devices.
  2. Game Developer : Who else don’t like playing games, in this era provides you the opportunity to have fun in testing and developing games at workplace.
  3. Ethical Hacker :  Ethical hacking is one of the most interesting field to work, every developers and programmer desire to try their hands in this field. Finding flows, loopholes and many more vulnerabilities you can do to secure and improve the technology of organization.
  4. UI/UX Designer : Being an UI/UX Designer is a chance for a person to show their top-notch creativity in product  branding, designing, usability and function.
  5. Gadget Reviewer : How exciting is to review latest gadgets every day, finding bugs and errors in new launched devices is one of the desired work of software graduates to show their expertise to the world.
  6. Secret R&D Engineer : This is the most weirdest and interesting work ever you have heard , this place is for those people who wants to work mysteriously like a secret mission.
  7. Visual Effect Designer and Animator : This is a highly top-notch innovative and creative field to work by developing a whole fantasy universe with designing animation and cartoons.
  8. Social Media Manager : This type of career provides to manage all social media accounts of a company.

2. Don’t require a degree:

Now a days its easy to learn programming having without any degree, and also quickly start career in tech. There are lot of open source programming  and coding boot-camps in internet from where you can learn coding even in free of cost though. There are 12 sites where you can learn coding at a low cost or even free such as,

  1. Codeacademy
  2. Coursera
  3. edX
  4. Udemy
  5. AGupieWare
  6. GitHub
  7. MIT Open Courseware
  8. Code Avengers

and many more.

3. Create new things:

After learning programming you can create endless interesting things .There are no limits you can customize your own website ,operating system ,software or even you can make your own voice assistance too, then you do not need any Siri or Alexa cause you will make your own buddy .Sounds cool right.


4. Work on your own:

Being a programmer you can also start freelancer job ,you can work for yourself and earn money too. Either you can take contracts from companies and organizations or build your own website where you can start your startup. Basically you will be able to do several things for yourself in short you can be ultimately self employed.


5. Easy to learn:

Programming is not so hard to learn whatever it is also a language which communicates with computers .The difficulty is on what programming language you choose also depends on your interest too, hardly to learn any programming languages, it will take less than a month depends on your efforts.

Have an end goal

Programming is a great field of work if you enjoy it. Before you start diving in, you must have an end goal in mind, unless you have an end goal, you will quit with the first barrier. So always motivate yourself and focus what are you doing.


Choosing a programming language

Choosing programing language could be quite confusing at first ,but if you have a goal, selecting one is not a big deal .The programing language depends on what you want to do
Example: if you want to full-stack developer – JavaScript is the best option to go.
1. web Developing- JavaScript
2. Data Science- Python
3. Mobile Developing- Dart
4.Game Developing- C++/Java/C#

Learning the basic.

Moving forward as a developer, understanding the basics is crucial, if you don’t understand the basics well, it will be a lot harder moving forward .
Best way to learn – Practice a lot and build small projects, and know the basic things of programming or coding such as type
4.Logical & Arithmetic Operators
5.Conditional Statements

and many more.

Building projects.

You can do whatever projects you want ,ultimately only your projects will define you how good are you in programming ,not the programming certificate you have. It can be any project, but building them is the most important.
1. Discover a problem.
2. Devise a solution.
3. Build the solution with code
this is the most valuable form of programming.


To become better at anything, you need to practice a lot. It is no difference to programming, practice a lot, build tons of project, enjoy the process. Only your projects will speak your identity of career status, knowledge and experience. So work hard and learn as much as you can.

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