Best Health Beneficial of Mango

Mango The King of Fruits

Mango is well know and favorite fruit in India, The Scientific name of mango is Mangifera indicathere are total 30 species of mango across the globe. The family name of mango is Anacardiaceae. In india there different types of mangoes and they all tastes different but the health beneficial of all is same though.

Mango looks green in the beginning of spring when its unripe and taste sour and in summer times green mango turns into yellow or golden orange and taste sweat. In India often green mangoes are used in different types of dishes and well ripe mangoes are use in fruit salad or dissert. Mango has lots of health benefits since 4000 years ago. Mango is also conciderd as king of fruit because of its taste and multiple benefits.

Mango cultivation is often seen mostly in tropical and sub tropical area, for this reason it is also called tropical fruit. Mangoes are grown in high humidity area and needs rainfall and frost during flowering time. Most expensive mango is produced by Japan. A mongo tree needs 2 years to provide fruit and full grown tree. In India Mongo leaf and woods are used in some rituals.

So there are some preliminary knowledge of mango, now lets know about the health beneficial information about mango like which parts of mango provide what health benefits, lets know it,

Benefits of Mango

Mango is most healthy and delicious fruit. it is a very important herb in ayurvedic and herbal medical purpose. In some homemade treatments you can use every parts of mango such as,


If you are suffering from Hemoptysis, ripe mango can help you get over it. If you eat seven or eight spoon of ripe mango juice with honey it will make spleen healthy.


  • If you are suffering from hair fall, as homemade treatment in summer you can try, is to grind green mango seeds and keep them soaked in water for 2 to 3 hours and later apply that water on the hair follicles, definitely reduce your hair fall issues.
  • If you are suffering from Dandruff,  mango can help you. Just you need to do, is to perfectly grind green mango seed with myrobalan and mix well with milk for minimum 5 minutes, and then strain and apply on hair and scalp.It will sure reduce dandruff.
  • In summer often your nose gets bleeding due to heat, then mango can help you out. Get some dry green mango seeds and make it powder, then apply in nose it will sure stop your nose bleeding due to heat in summer.


  • If you are suffering from loose motion in summer, so get some green mongo leaf and extract the juice then mix 3 or 4 table spoon of juice with a glass of lukewarm water and drink it, continue this for few days you will sure get rid of loose motion.
  • Do you have pain in your gum. so chew some green mango leaf after brush it will help you to reduce gum pain.


  • If you having tough time suffering from Dysentery, as homemade way mango can help you out. Get some green mango peels and extract juice from it and mix well 2 table spoon of juice with half cup of milk, for taste you can add some sugar and drink it, definitely your dysentery will get cured.
  • If you mix well grind green mango peels with yogurt and eat it, help you to get over from Diarrhea.


  • If you are feeling pain in your nail roots, mango can make you feel good and reduce the pain. you just need to heat up a table spoon of mango glue and mix a pinch of incense and apply on the nail roots you will feel good for sure and the pain will reduce.
  • If you are getting irritated by your crack heels and having trouble in walking, mango can help you out here, just get some mango glue and apply it on crack heels it will be cured.

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